Life Languages™

At Revival House, we are passionate about helping people experience wholeness personally, in their marriages and in their home relationships.  It is no mystery that hurt people hurt people.  But it is great to know that healed people heal people!

Life Languages™ is a powerful tool which helps bring healing and understanding to relationships.    

The Life Languages™ program is a communication assessment tool that will help you know yourself so you can control yourself so you can give yourself.    

Throughout life we have found ourselves thinking “we just aren’t speaking the same language” and, well, it’s true!  God has wired each of us so very differently on purpose!  It brings Him glory, and us great joy, when we can understand and honor those differences instead of judging or working against them.

What may appear to be marriage, management, racial, gender, class, or other diversity issues can simply be a communication issue because of differing “Life Languages.”

If you are interested in finding out which Life language you primarily speak please take the assessment below.  As Certified Trainers of the Life Languages™ program, we would be happy to meet with you to discuss your assessment and help you experience success in your marriage, family, or business.