About Us

Thanks so much for visiting our site!  We are a happily married couple of 11 years!  We live in Round Rock, Texas with our 3 sons, Max, Isaac, and Judah (yes, our house is CRAY-Z!) and our little dog, Jessica.  

Jimmy lookin suave

After 10 years in vocational ministry as an Assistant Youth Pastor and Media Pastor at our church, Jimmy is now a Manager and Instructor at Rise Martial Arts in Pflugerville, TX.  Rise uses Martial Arts to help students of all  ages rise to their best in life.

Rachel is a stay at home mom and a Certified Trainer for the Life Languages™ program.  She previously served for 11 years as Worship Leader at her home church of GT Austin and has released two albums alongside her husband and team, “Glory Cover Us” (2010) and “Treasures of Darkness” (2013), the proceeds of which were dedicated to Austin LifeCare for purchase of an ultrasound machine.  

Donating check to Austin LifeCare, 2014

We currently host a podcast entitled, “Revival House”.  We started the podcast because we knew what revival should look like at church but were eager to see it in full effect at home.  So we began a journey of discovering the abundant life full of God’s presence at home and are now resourcing others to do the same.  

We believe the home is central to God advancing His kingdom on earth.  Mothers and Fathers pass on their faith and display the heart of our Heavenly Father to their children.  Marriages mirror God’s covenant relationship with the bride, His Church.  What happens in the home is so important!

We want to help you experience success as husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, as well as individuals (sons and daughters of God!).  One of the services we offer is coaching using the Life Languages™ program.  This powerful tool has helped us understand how God has wired us in order to communicate more effectively in our marriage.  If you would like to experience breakthrough in your marriage, or would like guidance before you enter marriage, or if you just want a ‘tune up’ in your marriage please contact us!    

A few fun facts about us:

  • We split a peanut butter apple every. single. night.
  • We like sci-fi and believe most movies improve with the incorporation of an alien
  • Jimmy is great at impersonations, specifically singers (Bob Dylan, Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, the list goes on)
  • Rachel enjoys watching videos of people falling down (but only if they don’t get seriously injured…that’s just sad)
  • Jimmy loves baking and Rachel loves eating what Jimmy bakes
  • Rachel loves decorating and can easily spend hours at Hobby Lobby
  • Our family comes alive outdoors so we are out exploring at parks as much as possible

    The kids runnin’ circles ’round us